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    Making a list and checking it twice
    I need a list of the books I owe. Well *need* might be too strong of a word but since I am now sadly on a budget and sort of have time I want to try and tackle this - again.

    And there is that fact that so many books are starting to run together cover and summary wise. I can't afford to buy books I already have.

    Since money is an issue - BRYON is out. Which honestly I would love to have but right now if I had that amount of money to just drop, I would get an Ebookreader. I am still kicking myself for not looking into the price around xmas because I could have gotten one from my mommy. But I didn't realize I could get my hands on one for 79.

    Wonder how much they are going for now... there is that birthday coming up. Must remember to look into that!

    hmmm I totally lost the point of this post - la la la - oh yes Cataloging! Have you used and/or what are your thoughts on:



    Or do you have another idea? I want something I can export into excel if possible. One thing that jumps out at me is Fictiondb has the upcoming books and pseudonym things but I think you can get that for free on the site.

    They look like they both have free options to try them, so I might do that. But that ever present time thing will have me putting it on a list and then not doing crap with it until this time next year ;).

    If I did half the shit I made lists to do, I would be so organized I would be scary.
    1. The money thing was why I chose fictiondb.

      By Blogger erika, at 1/01/2006 08:07:00 PM  

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