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    EBUZZ: Brides of Caralon by Lacey Alexander
    Lacey Alexander has created a futuristic series as the author says in an interview with Romance Reviews Today.:
    These stories take place in a post-apocalyptic and very *sexual* society ; )

    The world feel very medieval in tone and reminded me in ways of Elizabeth Lowell's series - Untamed, Forbidden and Enchanted. But I really really liked Elizabeth Lowell's books, these not so much. Not Jane reads at all, just give it a pass. But I have great hope for her French Quarter series because there are many things here that do work for me, but the overall setting doesn't. Of course I hate Mad Max as well so maybe I am just not a futuristic type girl.

    For everyone not Jane, let break it down a little...

    Seductress of Caralon
    Seductress of Caralon

    starts off the series as something of a prequel, it is a quickie as short and dirty

    This is the story of the parents of the three heroines of the series. I can't think of a 'parent' story I have cared much for. Jalal's daddy is an asshole and doesn't like her. He tells her to go whore herself to Enrick, who he fears is coming to take his land. While they are doing the dirty he plans to use the time to get his forces together.

    Caralon is a very forward thinking in terms of females and sexuality. Well unless you are a daughter of a Royal, than you are kept dumber than dirt and not suppose to think dirty thoughts. Do you need to ask me how much I thought of that plot point?

    Unlike some of you, I don't mind the whole virgin thing. But good night, everyone can be out screwing like rabbits except of course these three girlies, well and their mom. Mom and dad stories don't much work for me, call me childish, but eeewww. And it doesn't really work to set up the story because they don't act the same once they are mom and dad.

    Which who does...

    Rituals of Passion
    Rituals of Passion

    Daughter number ones tale. Maven and Dane just annoyed the fuck out of me. She is a twit he is an ass. It is that push, pull, I love you, I hate you lets fuck type story. And it was my least favorite of the bunch. The excerpt is pretty much what I mean. If it works for you, run and get this!

    Master of Desire

    Master of Desire

    This is heavy in the slave/master setting, which is hard for me to wrap my arms around in general. I get the idea of role playing but I want to be your slave all the time, I want what you want thing goes over my head.

    But I adore it that he ends up asking at one point what would make her happy and he keeps getting what makes you happy makes me happy. That isn't what he wants, he wants to 'master' her in bed but wants her to still have a mind of her own (somewhat) outside of the bedroom. Sadly this isn't followed up on because I would have liked to have seen it.

    Instead she gets it into her head that he would want to play slave to her master and uh it doesn't work.

    Oddly enough this is my fave of the stories, even though it started out being the one I wanted to hate the most. There is something fucked about WHY he feels she should be punished. Sexually of course...

    Carnal Sacrifice

    Carnal Sacrifice

    The youngest daughters story, Laela, is promised by her ever loving father to a dirty old man. Because he needs to protect his land of course. Good thing he had three daughters because it would have sucked if he had to work to protect his shit vs whore out his daughters to do it.

    Laela runs away and runs to Garon, a tavern owner who offers her protection if she will be his sex slave. Then he thinks that might end in his death and a fuck is a fuck, no need to die over it.

    That changes of course, they fall in lurve, they get caught, shit happens. Daddy figures out whoring daughters so his lazy ass can sit at home while others fight his battles for the royal pussy is a bad idea.

    go figure...

    The world building is typical sexfest, don't even get me started on the sexual Orienters or Maran tiles. But Lacey Alexander can spin a HAWT tale if that is what you are after. Love to hear what others think of the stories.

    Next Lacey Alexander: French Quarter (first in Hot in the City)
    1. I'm kinda reading Rituals of Passion right now. I set it aside for Fire Watcher by Saintcrow as RoP was getting silly.

      By Blogger Nicole, at 5/15/2006 09:43:00 PM  

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