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    New Books! take II
    Unleashed by Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Diane Whiteside, Lucy Monroe
    What happens when a woman explores her most forbidden fantasies? When the intoxicating scent of man triggers illicit desire? When passion for the unusual lures lovers into worlds reserved only for the uninhibited...

    National bestselling author Rebecca York is Unleashed...As she finds the psychic bond between two lovers on a doomed island paradise.

    National bestselling author Susan Kearney is Unleashed... As she explores the mystery of Atlantis in a bold and contemporary new way.

    National bestselling author Diane Whiteside is Unleashed...As she bears witness to a tale of vampire love with a wicked twist

    National bestselling author Lucy Monroe is Unleashed...As she explores the limits of animal desire in a seductive story of the beast within.

    Tempting Juliana by Lauren Royal
    It's a good thing Juliana Chase takes such pleasure in playing matchmaker, because there's nothing she wants more than to see her loved ones happy. Her latest pairing involves Dr. James Trevor, Earl of Stafford, and her friend, Amanda. So why does the handsome physician insist on ignoring her good intentions-and shaking up her sensible plans?

    The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter
    Dangerous. Sensual. Handsome as sin. Meet Hayden Rothwell, the shamelessly erotic hero of The Rules of Seduction and author Madeline Hunter’s most irresistible alpha male yet: a man of extraordinary passion and power, a man who can bring out the seductress in any woman.…

    He enters her home without warning or invitation–a stranger of shadowy motives and commanding sensuality. Within hours, Alexia Welbourne is penniless, without any hope of marriage. Until Hayden Rothwell takes her to bed. When one impulsive act of passion forces Alexia to marry the very man who has ruined her, Hayden’s seduction of Alexia is nearly complete. What Alexia doesn’t know is that her irresistible new husband is driven by a secret purpose–and a debt of honor he will risk everything to repay. Alexia is the wild card. Reluctant to give up their nightly pleasures, Hayden must find a way to keep Alexia by his side...only to be utterly, thoroughly seduced by a woman who is now playing by her own rules.

    Kiss of the Wolf by Morgan Hawke
    Thorn Ferrell, a courier for the US Secret service, and a werewolf, is sent to Europe at the dawn of the Turko-Russian war. All she has to do is deliver a package and her term of service is finally over.

    Yaroslav once Prince of Luske during the dark ages, is a vampire. Driven from his home by a plague of the walking dead, Yaroslav is determined to discover who made the dead walk – and why.

    In a cave high in the Carpathian mountains, werewolf and vampire meet, and embrace for a fleeting moment of peace. She flees in the sunlight to continue her mission, but the vampire is determined to keep his newfound lover. During her journey Thorn comes face to face with her past, in the form of Max, a werewolf made by the same man that made her, the Doctor. However, unlike her, this werewolf is insane.

    And the Horror has come to town.

    Fleeing the other werewolf, and the walking dead, Thorn finds her vampire lover in big trouble. It seems that the Penumbral Court thinks thay Yaroslav, a powerful mage in his own right, is the culprit behind the plague of walking dead. Thorn is Fedhor’s only proof that there is another mage, an unknown sorcerer, doing forbidden magic.

    In the mean time...
    The sorcerer wants his werewolf back.

    The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman: A Novel by Jillian Hunter
    At a glamorous soiree in the romantic English countryside, Lord Devon Boscastle, one of the most elusive bachelors in London, is on the prowl for a willing and wicked lady to share a night of all-consuming sin. So he’s delighted to accept a mysterious invitation for a midnight rendezvous.

    Miss Jocelyn Lydbury, a demure young debutante, has her heart set on a marriage proposal from a certain respectable gentleman. Invited to a secret tryst at the stroke of twelve, she hopes to finally meet her longtime admirer. To her dismay, it is the heartbreaking Devon who lies in wait for his midnight lady. Before the pair can unmask their deceiver, they are caught in a passionate, if unplanned, embrace and forced into marriage. Although Devon claims he won’t change his roguish ways for anyone, upon returning to London he is surprised to find that his once-timid bride has become an alluring temptress. But little does he know that Jocelyn has vowed to tame her handsome rake–in the ballroom and in the bedchamber.

    The Wicked Games of a Gentleman: A Novel by Jillian Hunter
    Lord Drake Boscastle has everything–smoldering good looks, extreme wealth, and devilish charms. Everything, that is, except true happiness. Hoping to satisfy his growing discontent, he is set to meet one of the most celebrated courtesans in England for a heated rendezvous. But on the scheduled night of pleasure, Lord Drake’s world is turned upside down by Eloise Goodwin, a wholesome, spirited governess with voluptuous curves and a beguiling wit. Even with an experienced seductress willing to satisfy his every need, Lord Drake cannot forget his encounter with Eloise.

    Although swept off her feet by the mysteriously handsome rake, Eloise has more pressing matters to address. Her rebellious young client has escaped into the night with a local rogue and is nowhere to be found. Stepping in to assist, Lord Drake must try to resist his desire to indulge the longing passion he feels for Eloise. But once a scoundrel, always a scoundrel . . . or has the untamable Lord Drake at last been tamed?

    The Rest Falls Away: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason
    In every generation, a Gardella is called to accept the family legacy of vampire slaying, and this time, Victoria Gardella Grantworth is chosen, on the eve of her debut, to carry the stake. But as she moves between the crush of ballrooms and dangerous, moonlit streets, Victoria's heart is torn between London's most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her enigmatic ally, Sebastian Vioget. And when she comes face to face with the most powerful vampire in history, Victoria must ultimately make the choice between duty and love.

    Bond of Blood by Diane Whiteside
    Vampire fiction with a twist-and a touch of Texas heat.

    Former Spanish knight Don Raphael Perez has been a vampire for seven centuries, and is now the leader of the largest vampire territory in North America, spanning Texas and Oklahoma. But a rival is challenging his rule. Then he meets veterinarian Grania O'Malley, who's never felt the touch of a man. Raphael has sworn never to initiate a woman into the eternal pleasures of the flesh, but now it may be the only way to save her from his bloodthirsty adversary...

    The first book, The Hunter's Prey: Erotic Tales of Texas Vampires, is currently on sale at Books a Million. Tradesize for around 5 bucks!

    Pleasure Control by Cathryn Fox
    A dedicated scientist, Laura Manning has an I.Q. that's off the charts. But beneath her pristine white lab coat is a curvaceous body that craves satisfaction. She finds it hard keeping her mind on the experiment and off what's under the lab coat of her bad boy research partner, Jay Cutler, whom she's working with to develop a libido suppressant, an "antidote" for a society gone sex-mad, pumped up and over-stimulated by the miracle of Viagra.

    With time running out, Jay offers to act as a human guinea pig, injecting himself with the libido suppressant. Laura's role requires lingerie, soft music and candlelight. Her job is to entice him, to determine if the suppressant tamps down his desires. Rather than cooling the flames of lust engulfing them, their "antidote" only heats them up . . . and there's only one scandalous way to deal with it!

    Suddenly long days of laboratory work are giving way to sizzling nights of sensual experimentation—and a different kind of "chemistry" that leaves Jay and Laura breathless and gasping for more! Their professional careers may depend upon a successful climax—and there are dangerous competitors determined to steal their research. And maybe their pleasure games have gotten a bit out of control.

    Demon Angel by Meljean Brook
    Lilith, a demon, has spent 2,000 years tempting men and guaranteeing their eventual damnation. That is, until she meets her greatest temptation: the man whose life mission has been to kill her.

    She seriously needs a better blurb at Amazon.

    Master of Swords by Angela Knight
    Witch Lark McClure has survived a vicious vampire attack that shook her confidence and left her struggling with feelings of helplessness and fear. The last thing she needs is a partnership with Gawain, a handsome vampire knight who means to seduce her every chance he gets.

    "Devil's Kiss" by Brenda Williamson
    U.S. Marshal Jack McCay tracks outlaws for a profession and sweet-talks women out of their clothes for pleasure.

    When he begins to hunt a vicious killer, he meets one beautiful woman resistant to his charm.

    Swept Away by Toni Blake
    Five days before her wedding to a man she admires but doesn't love, Katrina Spencer escapes to a private island. There, she can let the sun warm her body as she contemplates a future without the passion she craves. Then she lazily opens her eyes, only to see Brock Denton . . . muscular, half-naked, the one who got away-;the one who makes her body tingle with arousal.

    How Brock arrived is a mystery, but it's clear he's in danger. Kat faces danger, too, in the arms of a man who is determined to free her from her every inhibition with his hands, his mouth, and more!

    Kat has five steamy days and five sultry nights to make up her mind-;return home to a man she doesn't love, or satisfy her wildest passions with Brock and let herself be . . . swept away.

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    1. I want way too many of these books.

      RE: the blurb -- I don't know if they're waiting for reviews to come in before updating it, or something similar. If it looks like around Mid-December no more has been added, I'll probably see if I can contact and update the product info.

      Because, yeah, that little blurb is...not very exciting.

      By Blogger meljean brook, at 11/08/2006 09:35:00 PM  

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