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    books, books and more books
    Reavis, Cheryl - The Bartered Bride (t)
    St. John, Cheryl - The Tenderfoot Bride (this was rec'ed I think by wendy)
    Wilson, Gayle - The Secret Duchess

    Napier, Susan - Reason of the Heart (rosario)
    Williams, Cathy - A Scandalous Engagement (llb)

    Red Dress Ink:
    Markham, Wendy - Slighty Single (t)
    Mlynowski, Sarah - Milkrun (t)

    Hsomething- (how many lines have Harlequin had over the years)
    Miller, Linda Lael - Glory, Glory (t)
    Palmer, Diana - Nelson's Brand (never even heard of this one)
    Stuart, Anne - Housebound (t)

    Wild West Brides - Cathy Maxwell, Ruth Langan, Carolyn Davidson
    Out of This World - JD Robb, Laurell K Hamiltion, S Krinard, Maggie Shayne (t)
    Men of Courage II - Lori Foster, Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis (t)

    Bittner, Rosanne, Tender Betrayal
    Canham, Marsha - The Last Arrow (don't recall who mentioned this but I wanted it)
    Coulter, Catherine - The Deception (hit or miss author for me, can't pass up .25)
    Criswell, Millie - True Lies
    Cruise, Jennifer - Welcome To Temptation (again someone blogged about this recently)
    Dodd, Christina - Candle in the Window (someone blogged this was a keeper)
    Howard, Linda - A Game of Chance (no clue why I got this with the reprints coming out)
    Howard, Linda - White Lies
    Ivie, Jackie - Lady of the Knight (t)
    Jeffries, Sabrina - In the Prince's Bed (rosario)
    Martin, Kat - Innocence Undone (hit or miss, can't pass up .25)
    Mills, Anita - Autumn Rain
    Mills, Anita - Bittersweet
    Mills, Anita - Dangerous (I no have 5 of her books but read none... really need to)
    Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Just Imagine (never read her prolly a t)
    Quick, Amanda - Desire (not the one I wanted and prolly a t)
    Skye, Christina - 2000 Kisses (nicole)
    Williamson, Penelope - A Wild Yearning (kristie put it in my head, well the author not the title)

    all in all for 10 bucks I didn't do badly...

    I went to two library sales. One was on a side of town I never go to and I get lost in a box. But I didn't get too lost. They didn't have all the books out. And the guy running it kept making cracks about the number of romance books they had (most still in boxes and being left in them so they didn't take over the 'books').

    I have only been to 4 or 5 library sales now. And I know they are run by volunteers (or at least the ones I have been were) but good lord, have the books OUT. You are trying to sell them, right?

    If I hadn't spent as much time as I had, going through boxes and if it wasn't for the fact the money was going to the library, I would have left my box there and gone home empty handed.

    Ah well, the library closest to me might have had less books, but they were nicer. So I think I will stick to it.
    1. All this for ten dollars? *drool*


      By Blogger CW, at 6/20/2005 08:39:00 AM  

    2. You did great for $10. Sounds like they paid you to take the books. Good job.

      Jennifer Crusie and Susan Elizabeth Phillips are two of my favorites. However, I like their newer stuff better than their older stuff. I loved Welcome to Temptation, and I really liked Breathing Room by SEP.

      By Blogger norma, at 6/20/2005 09:11:00 AM  

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